Hikes and Tours

Forest & Wildlife Tours
The tours will enlighten young and old alike to the wonders in the Woodstock and Quechee Vermont forests.

The “circle of life” with all living creatures in the forest will be explained by Patrick as you hike on maintained trails with scenic views. Tours are seasonal and the content varies from month to month.  Tours can be customized to individual ability levels.

Wild Edible Plant Identification and Foraging.
This tour will wake up your taste buds. Join us from May when the first Fiddleheads sprout until September when beech nuts are falling from the trees. Mushrooms such as morels, chanterelles, sulfer shell, and oyster mushrooms can be found while exploring the woods around Woodstock with us.  Wild ginger, ginseng and wild leeks grow on our most fertile hillsides.  Gorge yourself on wild black berries and raspberries in June, July and August in the wildlife openings that we have created over the years.

•           Learn how to locate these plants.
•           Best ways to prepare for the table.
•           Learn when you should be looking.

Animal Tracking Seminars
On these unique animal tracking seminars where you will learn how to identify Woodstock and Barnard wildlife by their tracks. We are the only tours where trail cameras will provide participants photos of the animals that make the tracks they will be seeing. Visit dens sites and witness black bear tracks on trees.  These tours are frequently combined with snowshoeing tours.  These are a few of the wildlife  tracks seen on these tours.
•           Coyote
•           Snowshoe Hare
•           Fox
•           Moose
•           Bear
•          Turkey

Wilderness Survival Classes

In the 1970’s Patrick spent 6 months alone living off the land in the wild Adirondack Mountains of New York State. He will share with you his experiences and knowledge on how he lived off the land. His is a expert archer and willing to teach the basics of archery to participants. He has studied Native American skills and will discuss how they built shelters, made arrow heads, hunted, trapped, built fires and tanned animal hides for clothing. He has actual arrow heads and tools to show during these talks that were found on the farmlands where he grew up.

•           Outdoor survival, including fishing and emergency fire and shelter building
•           Orienteering and GPS training
•           Food preparation and preservation
•           Handling and sharpening of knives and axes
•           Native American tools and tricks
•          Basic archery skills

Information for Travelers to the Woodstock Vermont Area

If you are joining us for a tour and spending some time in the Woodstock area, there is quite a variety of places to stay and eat near by.


Applebutter Inn B&B -802*457-415
Braeside Motel – 802-457-1366
Carriage House B& B – 802-457-4322
Jackson House Inn – 802-457-2065
Kedron Valley Inn – 802-457-1473
The Woodstock Inn & Resort – 802-457-1100
Village Inn of Woodstock – 802-457-1255
Shire Riverview Lodging – 802-457-2211


Angkor Wat – 802-457-9029
Barnard Inn Restaurant and Max’s Tavern – 802-234-9961
Bently’s – 802-457-3232
Brick Oven Trattoria – 802-457-9277
Cloudland Farm – 802-457-2599
Daily Grind Coffee & Sweets – 332-6393
Kedron Valley Inn – 802-457-1473
Melaza Bistro – 802-457-7110
Mountain Creamery – 802-457-1715
Prince & The Pauper – 802-457-1818
Red Rooster – Woodstock Inn & Resort – 802-457- 6671
River Stones Tavern – 802-295-1600
Spooner’s Bar & Grill – 802-457-4066
Simon Pearce Retaurant – 802-295-1470
White Cottage Snack Bar – 802-457-3455
Worthy Kitchen – 802-457-7281